Product Care



We recommend taking care of how many days in a row you would wear the boots. Rotate wear days to allow the boots to dry completely from any moisture.

To condition the boots, it is recommended to use a water-based conditioner every 2 months to avoid color changes. Oil-based conditioners are great moisturizers but can permanently alter the color of the leather.

To polish, we recommend a neutral wax-based polish in order to match original color.

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Yes! Ive West boots use the highest quality materials such as a construction of ¾ Goodyear welt. Once you wear through the leather outsole, your local cobbler can repair and replace the outsole. We, however, do not offer in-house resoling.

If any issue should arise outside of normal wear and tear, email us at

Warranty does not cover outsole repairs since its considered normal wear and tear.


Boots should be stored in a dark, dry place with tissue, newspaper or cedar shoe tree that won’t stretch the leather.

Bruch off dirt every use, use a horsehair brush or damp cloth when necessary.

Alternate wearing days to allow proper drying.

Leather Care

Conditioning is recommended at least every 2 months, which may leave a slight 'matte' finish. Brickmore´s Bick 4 conditioner is very recommendable. Here are the following instructions:

  1. Remove all dirt or dust with horsehair brush or damp cloth.
  2. While boots are still damp, lightly apply a conditioner (e.g., Bick 4) over the entire boot, with a brush or your fingers.
  3. Let conditioner dry then buff with horsehair brush.

Polishing should be used after conditioning or based on preference. If the boots are clean and you don’t have time for conditioning, a light use of spray shine would work fine. A neutral polish is recommended to avoid mismatched colors. How to polish:

  1. After conditioning and buffing the boots, apply a thin coat of wax-based neutral polish to the boot. A slightly shiny layer should be applied to desired area.
  2. Let the polish dry, then brush off with a soft cloth.
  3. Buff with a horsehair brush to see desired level of shine.

Leather soles wear out from a few months to years depending on wearer, physical and outdoor conditions. Your local cobbler can do a great resoling, recommending a half-sole resole. This can run from $50-$100 depending on the cobbler.